Salina is Rolling Out a New Automated Waste Collection Program this Summer

Salina is working to make our city beautiful. Every City of Salina customer will receive a new waste cart for free—including our alley customers. If your existing cart is green, your new cart will provide six (6) additional gallons of disposal space. The design of the carts fit the new specialty side-loader trucks that use an automated arm controlled by the driver to lift and empty waste from the cart. These carts are also compatible with the current City of Salina trucks for alley customers. While the change in the collection method is not new, it improves employee safety, reduces injuries, and keeps your monthly services fees low by improving collection efficiencies.

If you only need one 96-gallon waste cart, there is nothing for you to do. Your new cart will be delivered in July. 

Should you need additional carts, please select your service choice:

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One 96-gallon cart can hold up to five 30-gallon bags or ten 13-gallon bags.

Why implement an automated waste pickup system?

• Improved worker safety
• Enhanced appearance of the street on trash day
• Reduced litter from torn bags
• More efficient system
• Increased convenience for residents

No action is required to receive one 96-gallon waste cart for $17/month.