A new garbage cart collection program is coming to Chisholm!

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The City of Chisholm Public Utilities will begin rolling out a new garbage collection service starting Fall 2020. However, it will NOT be fully implemented until approximately January 1, 2021.


  • Individual Garbage Cart(s) for each property will be provided with schedules and options for pickups/dumps.
  • Yellow bags ARE required at this time until further notice. We appreciate you using the yellow bags until we implement the new garbage collection service. Yellow bags will not be required after January 1st, 2021.
  • In addition to your base charge, you will be charged per dump of your individual Cart instead of using yellow bags. Rates are based on the size of Cart you choose, either 65 gallon or 95 gallon.


  • How many garbage bags does each waste cart hold?
    • A 65-gallon waste cart holds approximately 4 to 5 13-gallon (standard tall kitchen) bags.
    • A 95-gallon holds approximately 7 to 8 13-gallon (standard tall kitchen) bags.
    • The City of Chisholm Public Utilities recommends a 95-gallon cart for a family of four or more household.
  • Can I request more than one waste cart?
    • Yes. Any resident can contact the City of Chisholm Public Utilities office at 218-254-7905 if an additional cart is required.
  • How will this affect my rates?
    • In addition to your current base charge of $10.41 + tax, you will be charged a dump fee of $2.10 for the 95-gallon cart, and $1.40 for the 65-gallon cart.

The cart selection process is now closed. Please call 218-254-7905 if you have further questions.

95 & 65-gallon waste carts for Chisholm, MN